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Case Study - How we managed to get bookings for private apartments on the Croatian coast

Case Study - How we managed to get bookings for private apartments on the Croatian coast

August 31, 2020


SocialByte specializes in Messenger marketing, system management, bookings, reservations, and online ordering on messenger. We were contacted by small studio apartments on the Croatian coast to help them get bookings. They struggled to fulfill their bed capacity because of the coronavirus pandemic. Existing guests canceled their reservations because the situation in Croatia wasn’t really defined.

Apartmani Luca Seline – Starting Conversation Apartmani Luca Seline – Starting Conversation

A brand born and raised on Facebook

The client offered small cozy studio apartments in a small village called “Seline,” and it was near two large Croatian national parks, Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica. The place is ideal for a great family vacation, it’s perfect for adventure seekers also. It was a combination of both. We wanted to target both people who love active vacations and those with many kids. We wanted to create a conversation between them and their potential guests. Imagine yourself getting offers for a nice cozy apartment somewhere on the coast but you haven’t heard about the place, entertainment there, or anything. You would have so many questions before even thinking of booking the place. That’s why we’ve put many things inside our bot because we needed to see what performs the best.

The bad news here was:

  1. No information on previous guests – what would happen if they were informing guests on the pandemic’s current situation in Croatia?
  2. They didn’t have a website
  3. Loyal Facebook page following was no luck because of Facebook’s algorithm change.

Also, needed to expand it’s marketing efforts into Facebook. We planned to target countries close to Croatia because everyone wanted to have their summer vacation. Still, they were worried about flying too many kilometers. The second issue was that if they get a notification they need a negative COVID-19 test before arriving.

Furthermore, pandemic changed the way people think. Usually, most people go to larger cities on the Croatian coast because of entertainment and fun everywhere. This year, it’s different. They wanted an isolated vacation to feel safe. Smaller villages and islands were a big hit! The whole idea was to create a fun & engaging conversations with a potential guest using Messenger Marketing.

Ad copy we used to generate the results Ad copy we used to generate the results

Messenger marketing saves the day

Their only source of traffic was their Facebook page; they didn’t have any contact information on previous guests, so they didn’t have any pool of interested individuals. After partnering with us, they got their house full in a week! August was booked in only a week and 50$ adspend!

The idea was to create a fun experience using a chatbot and messenger marketing strategies so the potential guest can find as much information as possible without searching for other places.

The chatbot consisted of various features and the idea was it to be one place that features everything that’s available in the village, explaining the benefits of choosing their vacation house. Our solution was like “Airbnb in small, ” why Airbnb, you might ask yourself. Since they didn’t have any booking platform put in place, we created one for them inside Messenger Webview.

Apartmani Luca Seline chatbot

All features it had

  1. Reservation system – The guest was able to make reservations and check if their reservation was accepted.
  2. All entertainment available in a village
  3. Pricing explained
  4. Email collecting
  5. Sequence for those who study the whole flow but don’t make a reservation- we offered them a discount of 5€ per night if they made a reservation

The results

Initially, we were planning on running a campaign for two weeks, but after the first few hours, we noticed it would take a lot less. The campaign started on 7/20/2020 at 8:00 am CET time. In the early few hours after starting a campaign, we already had three reservations, that trend continued, and our number of reservations was growing linearly. We finished the first day of the campaign with four reservations, which resulted in 15 nights, on average people were booking four nights. The trend continued as I said, and it looked like this:

  • Day 1: 4 reservations 16 nights
  • Day 2: 3 reservations 14 nights
  • Day 3: 3 reservations 10 nights
  • Day 4: 6 reservations 20 nights
  • Day 5: 5 reservations 14 nights
  • Day 6: 4 reservations 12 nights

After the sixth day, we stopped the campaign, 86 nights in a week. We filled 3 apartments with reservations for the whole month of August. That goes to show how powerful chatbot marketing can be if done correctly.

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