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Driving customer acquisition using personalized experiences

Driving customer acquisition using personalized experiences

February 15, 2021


Pulling in new customers as an e-commerce business is not an easy job, it takes some considerable time and serious dedication. There are many ways to trigger the interest of your target audience, but one of the most successful ways is using personalized content, offers, and product recommendations.

Having accurate buyer personas and creating targeted content works well, but we need to look at some other excellent ways and customer acquisition strategies focused on personalization. Before getting into more detail, let’s define the e-commerce customer experience.

What is the e-commerce customer experience?

The customer experience (also known as CX) is how customers perceive your business and their interaction with it. That means their overall experience with the business - from navigating your website to talking to customer service and receiving the product they bought from you. The customer experience (CX) includes the entire process before, during, and after visiting your online commercial space.

According to PWC, 42% of consumers are willing to pay more for a friendly customer experience, meaning the experiences your customers have will influence how likely they are to come back and purchase from you. Every e-commerce marketer is aware of the value of returning customers.

There are different dimensions to the customer experience: service experience, brand experience, and product experience.

  • Service experience represents the support your potential customer can get through the available communication channels of your business.
  • Brand experience represents is all about your business marketing and design points and how your customers feel about it.
  • Product experience is about your product’s effectiveness, quality, ease of use, etc.

If you as a brand provide good customer service, that will go a long way towards better customer loyalty and satisfaction. In the long run, it affects how strong your e-commerce brand grows.

Building personalization into your acquisition strategy

Making your acquisition process more personalized will improve the chances of your strategy being successful. Creating a personalization strategy is easier when you take a human-centric approach. That means in order to humanize the online shopping experience, you must be empathetic towards the customer’s perspective. There are some relatively easy strategies every brand should consider to grow their customer acquisition through personalization.

1. Adapt to the changing needs of a customer

We live in a crazy world of constant change, that also applies to the needs of your customers. Of course, adapting to changes in customer needs can be challenging, especially as technology continues to grow and new products start trending worldwide. If you don’t adapt to those changes, it is most likely that your business will fail eventually. We recommend you continuously gather information about your customers by asking for feedback and sharing interesting surveys to stay informed.

Out there are many great tools that will help you collect and analyze customer feedback more effectively. Once you have the answers and the feedback from customers, use them as an opportunity to change and improve your marketing strategy accordingly. It is important you implement everything you’ve learned and improve in order to show your customers you genuinely care about their needs.

2. Improve your product pages

We can’t stress enough that as an online business, having a quality website that matches a target customers’ needs is vital as it plays an essential role in customer acquisition. Besides ensuring your website loads quickly, the design must be aesthetically pleasing, your product pages are one of the most important areas in order to get that sale. On your product pages, add captivating product descriptions that will convince visitors they need to buy your items. If you’ve collected first-party customer data, you can use it to tailor your product pages to match each visitor’s preferences and needs, giving them a truly personalized experience when browsing your site.

Pandemic definitely made a huge impact on e-commerce in general, which lead to more and more users looking for customer-generated reviews when making their purchasing decisions. That’s because shoppers are used to looking at the products in brick-and-mortar stores, now they can’t see the products or hold them in their hands to decide about the feel and quality. Adding social elements, such as trust ratings and reviews, will help sway customers and give them the confidence to purchase your items.

3. Integrate live chat

Many customers appreciate the option of being able to directly talk to a customer support representative while they are shopping. Whether they have sizing questions, about materials, ingredients, etc. Shoppers would rather just ask it in a live chat than sending an email or filling up the form on your site. Making customer support accessible is a must for ensuring a positive buying experience, which can increase customer retention if customers are satisfied with the customer service experience.

Live chat represents one of the most popular support channels nowadays, with 75% of people preferring it. Most of them are millennials, meaning it’s a great tool to invest in for your e-commerce site.

Chatbots are one of the best ways to engage with buyers and helps them in conquering their dilemma. By using an AI chatbot, you can lighten the load placed on your existing customer service by having a bot be able to answer most common customer inquiries 24/7.


With more and more consumers doing their shopping online, more brands are building their online stores especially now in pandemic where most the businesses are closed. Competition size in the e-commerce space is greater than ever before. Consumers are buying globally because everything in the world can be delivered to their doorstep.

In order to stand out, you must personalize your customer’s experiences. With a personalized shopping experience, you can gain many new loyal customers that are set to become your brand ambassadors.

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