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Email marketing vs. Conversational marketing

Email marketing vs. Conversational marketing

March 12, 2020



Email marketing is an act of sending mass emails with general or specific offers to the group of people that engaged with your business in some way and gave you their email address. There are many well-known brands that have to build entire fortune using email marketing. If done right, email marketing can still be a very effective way to sell products or services. There is only one problem, people are starting to have their inboxes full of random offers and spam. But did you hear about conversational marketing before?

Furthermore, as communication evolves, email is starting to be seriously outdated since people are using messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger.

In 2016 Facebook has made serious changes to their platform with the introduction of chatbots for Facebook Messenger which allowed businesses to automate their conversations with the customers, meaning Messenger chatbot era has officially started!


With the email marketing businesses are segmenting their customers by the ones they got an email address from and the ones they didn’t. If they got an email address from the customer it’s most likely that customer will engage again with your offer, the second mentioned option is that businesses buy email addresses from third-party which won’t result in sales because they are not familiar with their interests and also that kind of business is against GDPR because those people didn’t give you permission to process their personal information.

Using conversational marketing it’s easier, a lot. Businesses have the possibility to use advanced Facebook targeting by the interest, gender and more. It’s more likely that customers are going to engage with their page or their chatbot and they will subscribe themselves to receive the newsletter and custom offers. Please keep in mind, if you are business inside the EU, you must do GDPR compliance inside your chatbot because you are using their personal data (which they gave to Facebook but still…).


There are a few key differences between those two. Email marketing is a one-way type of marketing where businesses send an email with their newsletter, offer, or other information and the customer reads it (or it goes to spam) and it’s not expected from them to answer the email. If you are an important brand in their life and they are always more likely to buy your product than buy from some other they will remember your offer and act in that way.

However, when people get the message on their Facebook Messenger they will give it a lot more attention because they don’t receive the messages from brands on a daily bases. They will even tell their friends they got an offer in a personal message between their regular messages. They are more likely to remember the offer and open the message from your brand and click the link.

Messenger bots allow businesses to create automated sequences for a specific group of (bot) subscribers. Messenger bots have 8x more clicks than the average email campaign! Keep that in mind when planning your next marketing campaign.

It’s very important to notice how conversational marketing outperforms traditional email marketing It’s very important to notice how conversational marketing outperforms traditional email marketing


To conclude, although building functional Facebook Messenger chatbot isn’t an easy task it definitely beats email marketing at every sight. To reach a huge CTR it’s best to have a specialized agency do the work for you while you enjoy your ROI. Conversational marketing beats every other kind of marketing in many ways. Feel free to download our Ultimate Conversational Marketing Blueprint and learn more about the perks of conversational marketing.

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