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Facebook Messenger bots 2020 vision

Facebook Messenger bots 2020 vision

March 12, 2020



Facebook Messenger Chatbot is the most popular out there so it’s expected to be changed during the time. Another blog, another advice as a result of constant changes in platform policy updates. The information spread fast, internet and communication are evolving, so do Facebook Policy. The next update is starting to be active from March 4th and you can read more about it here. So let’s dive into more reasons why it’s important to collect more data and use some other broadcasting services.

Go multichannel

The latest policy change affects the ‘24+1’ rule, it’s not there but not in a way you might think.

The +1 message that allowed businesses to send 1 additional message after the 24 hour window will no longer be available starting March 4th, 2020. This change aligns with people’s expectations of faster responses from businesses.

Okay, let’s not be desperate, there are other ways to engage customers into constant communication with your bot. If the message you want to send to your customer doesn’t fit into 4 currently available tags you have a few options: send an SMS, send an email or send a sponsored message. The vision of Facebook Messenger bots in 2020 relays on the ways to make customer engage again with your bot.

It’s crucial to start collection customer SMS and email information. Both of them can be seamlessly weaved into existing flows, in a way that the flows themselves accommodate the user. Do not forget the fact that you still need to get the consent for messages to be sent on those channels.

Find out their preferred way of communication, record this in their customer profile and then you will separate the customers by a preferred way of contacting. Ensure that customer actually gets the message where they want, in that way you are building a valuable connection with your customers.

Also, keep in mind the fact of the content you are sharing with them, rich media usually performs better on Facebook Messenger whereas a flash sale may just need a simple SMS message.

Benefits of SMS

We are aware that you are familiar with the fact that SMS has a much lower rate of open rate than Messenger, CTR is not ideal either but here is what it’s best for you to do.

Use SMS and email as a means to re-engage your Messenger Bot subscribers and restart their 24h interaction period. Simply include a link in the message that redirects them to Messenger and in that way you are allowed to send all the messages you want in the next 24h. Amazing right? But don’t stop there, it’s great to activate them and go back on Facebook Messenger chatbot but use the potential of SMS and send the broadcasts outside the 24h window, but don’t overdo. Use the power of keywords, when a customer types a specific keyword, the specific action is taken, in this case, SMS is sent to the customer.

Benefits of Email

Furthermore, don’t underestimate the power of email marketing. Let’s put the fact that businesses interact with people using emails on a daily basis aside. There is also some potential left. Use all the possibilities mentioned in this blog as your wider marketing strategy and you can’t go wrong in 2020.

The rules of marketing have changed and it will keep changing, but it’s always important to use the whole potential of everything available in a digital world. Use your email to send downloads to your customers, send them a discount code or just remind them of your brand. The benefit of email is it can hold more content than SMS and can be more visually appealing.


To conclude, we’ve seen many changes in the past year made by Facebook and we managed to find the solution. We highly recommend you to use the whole power of what’s available out there and rethink your current marketing campaigns in order to adopt the changes. Facebook Messenger chatbots are here to stay, it’s our duty to comply with changes. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter where we share our knowledge on a weekly basis.

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