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Facebook retargeting combined with Messenger marketing

Facebook retargeting combined with Messenger marketing

September 2, 2020


Retargeting is a form of online advertising that brings back website visitors who haven’t made the desired action on a particular website. Those cookies people always accept without reading, recognize website visitors, and then display ads to these people later. Facebook Targeting is very powerful. You’ve probably seen some retargeting ads following you everywhere online, Facebook, Instagram, or even the Google Ad network.

Why do these ads follow users everywhere? It’s a simple answer. Users made that click to the company’s website, but they didn’t make any desired action. Let’s describe it like this: You visited a clothing store and browsed their deals and maybe even added a few items in the cart, but you changed your mind, or something distracted you, and you forgot to complete the purchase. Through Facebook retargeting, you can remind people about their previous actions and persuade them to finish where they left off. Facebook offers a variety of ad placement options and campaign objectives, but here we want to put the focus on retargeting ads and Facebook messenger.

Track & build the audience

From the obvious reasons, to track the visitors first, you need to have one. It would be best to follow all the people coming to your site by installing a Facebook Pixel there to monitor the activity. Once Pixel is installed, Facebook can begin monitoring your website traffic. Pixel allows you to create a custom audience. They can be based on a specific activity or event like including/excluding those who visited a particular page. A recommendation is also to use your existing CRM data to target the audience. The aim is of them becoming your Messenger bot subscribers.

Retargeting tips

When growing your brand, custom audiences mean everything! Let me explain; when Pixel learns who your visitor is and retargets them later, it will learn to expand that audience with Lookalike Audience.

But still, my point here is, it’s always essential to test different Retargeting strategies with varying copies of ads like A/B test to gain full insights on what works the best. To validate that kind of experiment on Retargeting ads makes sure to test one element at the time.

Examples from real brands

Blenders Eyewear wanted to sell sunglasses at a lower cost per acquisition as possible by warming their audience using sponsored Facebook messages. A custom audience was created from the people who added their products to the cart but didn’t complete the ordering process. They tried pushing ads with different CTA buttons like “Learn More “and “Shop Now “in conjunction with relevant creative. The buttons were clear, and the ad copy used managed to generate a sense of urgency without paralyzing the user to take action.

Blenders eyewear messenger

According to Facebook, they got this:

  • 7.5X lower cost per action
  • 7.5 increase in return on ad spend
  • 10.6X higher click-through rate
  • 40% increase in sales

How can your brand be part of Facebook Success Stories?

Read the value provided on different blogs and media. You can make the first step just by following these secrets and trends in 2020. Make sure to create a new communication channel with your customers like Messenger. Facebook Messenger is just the first domino in the chat industry, and many more messaging platforms will follow with these strategies and trends, so we recommend you hop on the train while it’s still early. You can use Messenger chatbot to re-engage with people who chatter with you earlier, which can be correlative to email because they have previously subscribed or interacted with you. There are many more benefits of using Messenger than email, starting just by open rates and click-through rates.

Facebook Success Stories tell the different stories about brand successes using their ad platform Facebook Success Stories tell the different stories about brand successes using their ad platform

4 Reasons Facebook Retargeting combined with a Messenger bot can boost sales

  1. Messaging is more significant than social media.
    Facebook recently reported over 2.45 monthly active Messenger users. When thinking about yourself, you can quickly notice you use Messenger to connect with people more than reading Facebook news or other people’s statuses.

  2. Easy to personalize
    Using custom audiences, you can personalize targeting and retargeting ads and give personalized experience beyond the Messenger’s initial click.

  3. Nurture relationships
    Messenger chatbot allows you to create flows and collect customer information that can be later used to nurture your brand and customers’ connection with a personal approach, especially in eCommerce.

  4. Reach specific audiences
    After installing the Facebook Pixel on your website, you can get crazy with your custom audiences and targeting. For example, if you are an architect, you can set an audience just for people who visited your form to start the project but didn’t leave any information, experts see the huge use in different industries.


Creating a retargeting strategy is a must for almost any business type because it increases conversions and customer lifetime values. Connecting Messenger with your retargeting ads is invaluable. It represents the only marketing channel that allows you to create the conversation after the initial click. The conversations are faster than email. You get all insights on how your Messenger campaigns are going by the end of the day. After this read, you have enough information to convert your website visitors into paying customers.

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