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Beauty industry chatbot – making reservations easy!

Beauty industry chatbot – making reservations easy!

August 11, 2020

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The beauty industry describes the industry that manufactures and distributes cosmetic products but also providing beauty services. Local businesses providing those kinds of services are mostly hair salons, spa centers, cosmetic salons, etc. According to Toptal, “In the United States alone, the beauty services sector employs over 670,000 people”. Those numbers are enormous if put in the context of other countries out there. Since we are currently in the 4th industrial revolution and businesses are being digitalized in every aspect, we wanted to be part of and contribute. The beauty industry chatbot is the latest trend and now is the right time for businesses to start using it.

Clean web view inside Messenger!🌟 Clean web view inside Messenger!🌟

Beauty Industry Problem

We spoke to some people from the industry that are the owners of saloons in the local area about their business models and troubles they are facing. The most common answer we got was “appointments. “

So apparently they waste much time answering the phone and manually managing appointments. The culture of calling to get a date seems to be hard in newer time. The problem is not only that the hairdresser has to leave the client he/she is working on to answer the phone and write an appointment for another client, but it goes beyond that. People often call to ask about their services and pricing. They also forget when they got an appointment because they didn’t write it anywhere. Also, hairdressers are doing appointment management in a notebook, and it often gets confusing.

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Our solution

We believe we have created the state of the art beauty industry chatbot. The bot is not just optimized for doing JSON ads and generating new clients from the area. It does a fantastic job resolving the problems mentioned above.

Let’s start with the main one: getting an appointment. Client’s selection is just three clicks away!

We’ve created a web view inside Messenger, which displays the salons’ available times on the desired day.

It’s connected to the Google Sheet where every entry is checked. You probably ask how does a hairdresser knows if there’s a new client? The client can choose any hairdresser he/she wants, and the booking is automatically written in their Google Calendar as an event.

What’s best here is that the client gets a notification the day before, so there is no chance to forget the appointment. That notification can be sent using Messenger OTN, which is free, SMS, and email, depending on the client’s preferences. When that is sent, the client needs to confirm if coming. So there is no lost money and time for the saloon. Our beauty industry chatbot is created to satisfy industry needs as well as their clients’ needs.

If the client needs to ask when the appointment is, it’s possible in a dedicated car din the gallery. The data is being pulled from the database (Google Sheets) and sent to the client.


We believe we’ve made reservations easier for both sides: saloon managers and clients. The old solution was very time consuming and frustrating. Using our solution, managers can instantly automate the whole process and give the right information at the right time. The method of getting an appointment has never been more natural. Website systems are also part of the past. The only requirement here is Facebook Page. We invite you to try it now by clicking here. If you want to learn more about industry trends and chat marketing, download our whitepaper here. Let us know what you think!

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