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Skinny Mixes increased revenue per month by $100K+

After Skinny Mixes implemented Messenger chat strategy in combination with SMS they saw revenue increase of 20.22% and amazing 13% cart abandonment recovery rate. They were determined to increase revenue and they succeeded.

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Why chatbots?

Secret sales weapon

Provide your customers with a service that recommends products and services that match their needs

Marketing boost

Boost conversation rate up to 40% by using Facebook ads linked to your Messenger chatbots!

Customer care

Delight your customers by delivering lightning-fast, 24/7 customer service experiences at scale and at a fraction of the cost

Relevant messages

Segment customers based on behavior and custom attributes so you can deliver messages at the right time, to the right people.


Take advantage of proactive messaging on Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber β€” some of the most popular messaging platforms today


Remind your customers of items they forgot to purchase and maybe even sweeten the deal with last-minute coupons and offers

Numbers say everything


open rates

compared to e-mail with a bot drip campaign and broadcasts



in customer wait times


of people

prefer chatbots to e-mail



are using chatbots to address customer service needs


new users

of social media apps this year



active on Facebook Messenger every month

What would a 35% lead uplift mean for your business?

What can a chatbot do for your business?

Increase leads

Save time and money by letting your bot qualify leads as they come in.

Answer the questions and they will provide their contact info. Have qualified leads schedule an appointment inside Messenger or let your sales team follow up.

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Get up to 80% open rates with a bot drip campaign and broadcasts. Automatically customize products shown to maximize sales potential.

The Messenger Sales Channel allows customers to view your product catalogues within the Messenger app.

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Customer service

Don’t let potential sales slip out of your grasp. Use a bot to remind your customers of the items they forgot to purchase and even sweeten the deal with last-minute coupons and offers. Cover the full customer journey on Messenger!

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